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World Book Math And Science

World Book Junior Explorers – Ignite your Child’s Interest in Math and Science

world book junior explorers
With the World Book Junior Explorers math and science series of books, your child can have a sound foundation on the basics of math and science from an early age. Each book is curriculum based and packed with artwork and photographs, making it easy to grasp the basic fundamentals of math and science.

A colorful cast of cartoon characters are included that teaches techniques for solving real-life equations, guides a visual tour inside the human body, makes reading about energy electrifying, and simplifies often-complex concepts. These unconventional yet effective methods make the learning very accessible. The books are great for kids who are just learning these concepts, and for helping older students reinforce and review.

Get your first book free, and pay only shipping and handling. If you choose to continue, then the subscription fee will apply. Cancel at any time.

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Lima Cloud Storage Device

Meet The New Lima Cloud Storage Device

lima cloud storage device
Introducing the Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device. It is unlike any device seen before. It is packed with a wide range of options, and with it, your entire digital life can go with you, even without relying only on cloud technology. Every device you own will have simple access to your music, videos, photos, personal documents, and data. There is no need to manually synchronize, back up, and monitor your files. It’s a specific kind of technology that hasn’t been seen before, giving users a secure and easy way to keep their data organized. Files are readily available no matter if you’re on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Keeping track of all of your personal videos, photos, and files always seems to be a daunting task for some individuals. Knowing which device you saved a specific file or document to can be confusing and time consuming when you want to retrieve it. For this reason, many individuals are resorting to other options that are much easier to access, manage, and keep everything secure and in one place.

Anytime you add a file to the Lima cloud storage device, it automatically keeps a copy of the file on the hard drive attached to the Lima adapter. That way, your files are both home and available to all of your other devices right away.


Lima calls its device “the brain of your devices.” Setup is simple, and once you’re connected, you’ll install the Lima app on all of your devices. It is able to run on Windows and Macs, Android and iOS devices.

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Vindale Research Online Surveys

Vindale Research – Earn Rewards Participating in Surveys Online

vindale research
With Vindale Research, you can particpate in online surveys and earn valuable rewards each time you complete a survey. The surveys include product research, evaluation, and opinions. By joining Vindale you can Review products, make a difference by sharing your opinion, and even keep the products that you review. Get codes for your surveys. Earn cash as soon as today. Millions of people take surveys everyday. Join those who are getting paid now.

By registering and signing in, it’s possible to earn valuable monetary rewards. Get a check as often as you can!

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Weslo Cadence G 5 9i Treadmill

The New Weslo Cadence G 5 9i Treadmill Combines Technology With Fitness

weslo cadence g 5 9i treadmill
Now available for the first time, you can pair your favorite smartphone or tablet to the Weslo Cadence G 5.9i treadmill and access the new iFit technology. You can have Google Maps workouts, comprehensive tracking, and top trainer workouts. Get smooth power with the 2.25 horsepower motor every time you work out.

The manual two-position incline helps you take your intensity up a notch. This Weslo Cadence Treadmill has a slim design that can fit nicely into most exercise spaces with ease. After use, it folds up for your convenience, making storage simple. The workout treadmill has handles on each side that are easy to grip as needed when you workout, helping you to stay supported. It has a gray and black design that is made to complement most rooms well. This machine has a large LCD window that will allow you to keep an eye on important stats as you exercise. It also has three display settings. With six workout apps, you can choose an optimal one for you.

The Weslo Cadence G 5 9i Treadmill can handle a weight capacity up to 275 lbs. With the iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled treadmill, you won’t want to stop running. Our Google Maps routes take you anywhere in the world – allowing a personalized, drawn course. Exciting and expansive workout library And every workout completed will be logged online. This treadmill represents a new exercise machine that is an affordable choice, yet up to date with technology. These benefits far reaching. Most people dread the times when they have to use their exercise machines because they are either too complicated or very difficult to operate. With this new Cadence treadmill most people will find it easy, especially because it utitlized smart technology.

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Earning Station

Earning Station – The Easiest Way To Earn Rewards

earning station
Earningstation is not your ordinary rewards program. This rewards program allows you to choose your own reward after completing requirements. Earn rewards by doing surveys, completing discount shopping offers, playing online games, and much more. Rewards are given in the form of gift cards, and there are many to choose from.

Consumers join earning station to participate in surveys, games, and advertiser’s special offers while earning cash and incentives for their activity. The dashboard is easy to navigate, so anyone looking to make extra money can simply sign up and get started.

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