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Paper Jamz Guitar – Jam Out!!

The Paper Jamz Guitar is a new musical instrument that is different from most conventional guitars available today. First of all, it’s made of paper, which is why it’s called the Paper Jamz Guitar. Second, it allows children 8 years old and above to jam to the latest hit songs. Finally, it comes in 6 different designs that are sure to appeal to their inner rock star.

The rock guitar designs are edgy, such as the black and white guitar that has a shark-like mouth near the bottom. The country guitar, on the other hand, comes in a blue, soulful design, and kids can feel like a little Keith Urban or Taylor Swift.

Paper Jamz Pro Guitar, Style 3

The Paper Jamz Guitar only weighs 2.05 pounds, which makes it easy for children to move and groove to the music as they press their fingers on the paper. The guitar creates the sounds and chords whenever the child presses the paper; there are circuits on the paper that produces the respective chords. Parents can think of the Paper Jamz Guitar as a “stringless” guitar.

This paper jamz guitar has three different play modes, which allow the child to discover how it feels like to play a guitar accompaniment for a song. It also allows them to hear themselves play the guitar minus the song’s vocals. The freestyle mode is where the child can create his/her own songs and play real guitar chords. The perfect play mode allows the child to play the guitar in tune to a famous song. Finally, the rhythm mode is where the child can control the rhythm of the guitar while playing along to a hit song.

The paper jamz guitar has three popular hit songs (these may vary) that a child can play to when using any of the three play modes. Another feature of this item is the karaoke feature. Here, the child can remove or mute the song’s vocals and other background instruments in order to let him/her hear himself/herself play the guitar.

This product has an internal speaker, and parents can buy earphones or an external speaker that can be connected to the guitar if their child wants to completely rock out to the music. However, they have to buy the earphones and speaker separately. The entire package only includes the guitar – parents or their kids would have to choose a design before having the item shipped.

Previous users didn’t regret buying the paper jamz guitar for their children. One parent has stated that it is a good product for the price, while another is hoping to be able to buy a real guitar soon, since his/her son has become very interested in playing the guitar since he got it. This guitar is a good substitute for an actual guitar, especially for kids who are only starting to discover what they like to do as a hobby or a pastime. Thanks to the Active Graphics Technology embedded in the guitar, this product can make kids feel like they are truly a rock star.

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