Our #1 Best Identity Protection Service

Our #1 Best Identity Protection Service 1

Our Recommended Best Identity Theft Protection Service

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Identity theft is on the rise. Identity theft happens all the time. It takes many forms, and it doesn’t discriminate. In this era of corporate data breaches and cyber crime, It’s important that our personal data stay protected.

There are many identity protection services around today that help protect our identities and personal data online. Some may be considered better than others, and some may offer more features than others.

We have come across a new program, and we use it to protect all of our data.

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We use it as our personal id theft protection service, and will show you how it works, and how it compares to other services. You, then, can decide if it’s right and worth it for you.

About Our Best Identity Theft Protection Service

best identity theft protection service

Our program provides Comprehensive Identity theft protection. It protects the entire family, even children, works around the clock to protect personal data, maintains privacy, and keeps sensitive information safe and sealed.

According to their site, our program uses a “proprietary technology” to alert on a wide range of potential threats. It also monitors more than 600,000 dark web pages, file sharing sites, and black market forums.

It features 3 bureau credit reports, scores, and monitoring. It Provides Id theft insurance up to $1 Million, Court and criminal records monitoring, Social media monitoring, Dark web monitoring, Social security number trace, Bank and investment account takeover monitoring, and provides real time authorization notifications.

It provides a free Android or IOS app that can send mobile alerts. It also has Lost Wallet protection which replaces credit cards, driver’s licenses, and even medical id cards. our program even provides 24/7 support by U.S. based specialists available day or night.

Why We Use This Program

We, ourselves have been victims of identity theft in the past. We have had stolen credit cards. We’ve had our bank account information compromised. We’ve also been a victim of many of many of the recent big company data breaches. Company breaches at: Equifax, Myspace, Capital One, Marriott, eBay, Jp Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Yahoo, Adobe, and Paypal, all have affected us! It is scary knowing that our data is not safe even with these so-called “big kahuna companies”. It’s a shame that these companies we put our trust in have been irresponsible with our personal information.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest data breaches in recent years. This List is based on how much risk or damage the breaches have cost. These are major companies that control a lot of personal information! We leave digital fingerprints all over.

Biggest Data Breaches Of The 21st Century:

We selected our program as the best identity theft protection service because it gives us peace of mind knowing our information is safe, secured, and monitored. Since joining our program we’ve have received several notifications: from sex offender locations to social media alerts.

See How it works here.

What Others Think

There are many testimonials from people who have joined our program, and they all share similar stories. They have all been affected in some way or another by identity theft. With our program, they are mostly happy with the comprehensive aspect of the coverage. They also mention that they are happy with the customer service. It is clear, simple, and informative. They know their stuff!

Not many protection services give the same amount of personal data protection for one flat rate. Other companies check the basic points, then increase their rate if more protection and services are needed. The other companies mostly just cover the basic threats of data compromise. Our program goes even further with its list of features.

Our best identity theft protection service – Read the testimonials here.

Our program vs Lifelock and others

better than lifelock

One of the major questions asked is, how does our program compare to other services such as Lifelock? With so many identity protection services claiming to protect us, how do we differentiate between them and determine what we need?

Lifelock is an excellent program! It provides different levels of services starting with a basic plan and basic features. Users can then add whatever they need on for an extra price per month. Lifelock’s most basic plan starts at 9.99 with basic protection, then each higher plan offering more protection benefits.

Lifelock’s pricing is for a user’s first year. Their prices increase after that.

Our program gives it’s most comprehensive protection from the outset. And our program’s pricing is for life.

Even with all the services our program carries, their prices still beat Lifelock at its highest rate.

Our Best Identity Theft Protection Service – Plans and Pricing

Pros and Cons of our program

Our program gives comprehensive protection for the entire family.
It Monitors children’s social security numbers, and monitors children’s social media.
It has No tiered service. The only extra is for child coverage.
All features are included immediately.
It covers more than just the common points of id theft. It also protects social media, bank accounts, sex offender, phone numbers, passports, and more.

Our program is a brand new program, therefore it is not well known. Brand worthiness is still new. Programs such as Lifelock have been around longer, has better established branding, and many existing customers. our program may need time to prove itself.


Do your own due diligence. Know what’s right for you and your family. What we can say is that our program is the complete package. And it goes for one flat price. Check and see if the features fit your needs and sign up for protection immediately.

Get The Best Identity Theft Protection Service

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Summary Of Features

What’s covered?

cost of identity theft protection

Our program’s plans are as follows:

Covers 1 adult.
Can be paid monthly or yearly.
Yearly saves on 2 months. Get 12 months for the price of 10.
Credit monitoring, Credit reports and scores from all 3 bureaus.
SSN, emails, credit cards, and bank accounts monitoring.
Credit score tracking.
Credit Score simulator.
Social Media monitoring of facebook, twitter, instagram, and linkedin
24/7 lost wallet protection
id theft insurance up to $1M
fully managed identity restoration

Covers 1 adult and up to 10 children.
All of Basic
child SSN tracker and dob monitoring
child email and phone number monitoring
child digital spy dark web monitoring
child social network monitoring of facebook, twitter, instagram, and linkedin
child bank account, credit/debit card and medical id monitoring
complete restoration of child data.

Our Best Identity Theft Protection Service – Plans And Pricing

Other resources

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Common Questions

Are identity theft protection services worth it?
A lot of the montitoring can be done by yourself, but it takes a lot of work. It is even suggested that you secure your own personal data when using the internet. However, getting a service means you have an extra layer of protection, and can rest easy knowing your data is protected.

What is the best identity theft protection service?
For the reasons outlined above, we think it’s Our program.

Why identity theft is a problem?
ID theft exposes people’s information, and causes them great suffering when their personal information is stolen and used to open new accounts, rent or buy properties, file fake tax returns, steal money, and do other criminal activity. Watch this video for real life examples.

How Much is identity theft protection?
our program has a fixed rate for two plans. It is not tiered like the other services. See the plans and prices here.

How Does Identity theft work?
Thieves use your personal information to gain access to things such as financial accounts, credit data, and to do things like apply for loans, and with corporate data breaches information you think is secure really is not.
More information here.

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