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Earning Station

Earning Station – The Easiest Way To Earn Rewards

earning station
Earningstation is not your ordinary rewards program. This rewards program allows you to choose your own reward after completing requirements. Earn rewards by doing surveys, completing discount shopping offers, playing online games, and much more. Rewards are given in the form of gift cards, and there are many to choose from.

Consumers join earning station to participate in surveys, games, and advertiser’s special offers while earning cash and incentives for their activity. The dashboard is easy to navigate, so anyone looking to make extra money can simply sign up and get started.

Check Out Earningstation Now!

choose how you earn

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Walmart Family Mobile USA, LLC – Homepage

Walmart Family Mobile

walmart family mobile

Cell phone plansicon for the family.

With Walmart Family Mobile, you can keep your own number and there’s no contract. The rates are very affordable, and it offers unlimited talking/texting/web use.

The Family mobile Starter Kit makes it easy for the whole family to stay connected. Powered by the T-Mobile network, the plan provides unlimited talk, text, and web (2.5 GB of 3 G data) letting you call or send messages to your family as often as you want. The first line with the Walmart Family Plan is $34.88 per month, and additional lines added to the plan are only $24.88 per month (up to 5 per account).

walmart family mobile

The serviceicon is available online but it is really great to go in the store and ask questions from the associates if needed. If you find something online that they don’t have in your local store, just use the site-to-store option. It’s also possible to purchase the one-time starter kit for your phone. It has a SIM card and activation instructions.

Every store is different, but look for the “no-contract” section at your local Walmart electronics department. Usually it’s an island in the middle of the department. You can also research your options in the store with the Family Mobile information center.

With Walmart Family Mobile, you and your family can pin, post, tweet, snap, tag, chat, and share.

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Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset

Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset

Ready, set, learn! Pull the racing flag to launch the race car and zoom around exciting courses with the Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset by VTech. Develop language and motor skills while navigating obstacles and racing through three incredible features including a 360 degree loop, spiral and ramp.

Place the race car in the electronic pit stop and pretend to fill the gas tank and make quick repairs while hearing fun phrases, music and learning colors. Race through three Amazing courses in the Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset. Place the race car at the top of the tall tower, pull the flag and build motor skills as you navigate it through obstacles and race it through the 360 degree loop, spiral or ramp.

Drive the included SmartPoint™ race car over the 8 SmartPoint™ locations, and listen as it responds with different music or fun sound effects. Place the race car in the electronic pit stop and pretend to fill the gas tank and make quick repairs while hearing fun phrases, music and learning colors.

The Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset is more than three feet long and can be connected to other Go! Go! Smart Wheels® playsets (sold separately) to encourage creative play. It’s playtime with miles of learning fun.

Features include:

8 SmartPoint locations.
Over 70 sing along songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.
Three fun courses include a ramp course, loop course and a spiral course.
Electronic pit stop plays fun phrases, music and teaches colors.
More than 3 feet long.
Includes one SmartPoint race car that teaches the letter “R” and the name of the vehicle through pretend play.

Flag launcher, rocking platform, pit stop buttons and flip ramp build motor skills.
Play and music modes teach colors, vocabulary and music.
Connect to other Go! Go! Smart WheelsR playsets to encourage creativity and develop your child’s imagination (each sold separately).
Number of Pieces: 15.

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Walmart Holiday Toy Prices Lower Than Others

A couple of years ago it was announced that Walmart’s prices on its toys during the holiday season were lower than a lot of it’s competitors’. Their holiday toy prices beat out Target, Sears, and Kmart. Most of their toys were even less than Amazon. USA, LLC

Walmart holiday toy prices were compared with a group of about 15 toys that included Playskool’s Let’s Rock Elmo icon, and The still popular Leapfrog Leap Pad Explorer icon. They were shown to be 9 percent higher at Target and 13 percent more expensive at Kmart.

When compared to Amazon, about 18 items were shown to be priced lower at Walmart. And when compared to Toys R Us, the world’s biggest toy store, 12 items were shown to be priced lower at Walmart.

This year walmart is featuring over 1,000 toys that were voted favorites by children all over the country. Some of these include new toys like Fisher Price Imaginext, Fisher Price Little People Farm Playset, Furby Boom, and Flutterbye Fairy Flying Dolls. They also include old favorites such as the Barbie Dreamhouse, Playskool Sesame Street, Hot Wheels, Nerf, Crayola and more.

Walmart banks its holiday toy repuation on having the lowest prices during the holidays, those low prices are touted on toys and electronics as gift items more than any other category.

If things go as in previous years, Walmart will cut prices on perhaps another hundred toys, including more additions to its 100-toys-under-$10 lineup. It has also previously cut the prices of popular board games like Candyland and Yahtzee to $5, and marked down many popular toys.

The retailer also offers free shipping and free layaway on most of it’s online toy orders picked up in-store, including bikes and scooters.

Source: Bloomberg

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Furby Boom New For 2013 And Beyond

Furby, the interactive pet toy created by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro, was one of the hot toys of Christmas 1998 and people lined up in toy stores worldwide to buy them.

A Furby can interact or “speak” with other Furbys using an infra-red port. They have 6 other sensors as well. A motion sensor, a tummy sensor, back sensors, sound and light sensors, and a tongue or “feeding” sensor. They wiggle their ears, move their body, blink their eyes and even move their mouths as they speak.

Furbys can play games such as ‘Furby says’, ‘ask Furby’ and ‘hide and seek’. They dance and they can even learn tricks! All with the use of 4 AA batteries. When you first get a Furby they speak their own language, something called “Furbish”. As time goes along, they start to learn English as you play with them. They come in many different styles and colours.

This year, Furby Boom has arrived!  Furby Boom allows Furby to hatch 50 virtual Furby Furblings eggs! You can collect virtual eggs with the Furby Boom app. and also by taking care of your Furby Boom, getting them from friends or finding them. The Furby Boom app allows you to play original games as well. It’s like a Baby Boom, only with Furbys!

Furby Develops its personality based on how you play with it. It Interacts with its friends and dances to your favorite songs. It Speaks basic FURBISH, the special FURBY language, and also learns English the more you play with it.

Get the free FURBY App to translate FURBISH and feed your FURBY. It Requires 4 AA batteries, and is recommended for ages 6 and up. It is Available in 10 bright new colors, including purple (featured here), white, and others. Be sure to view the entire FURBY collection at the link below.