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walmart family mobile

Cell phone plansicon for the family.

With Walmart Family Mobile, you can keep your own number and there’s no contract. The rates are very affordable, and it offers unlimited talking/texting/web use.

The Family mobile Starter Kit makes it easy for the whole family to stay connected. Powered by the T-Mobile network, the plan provides unlimited talk, text, and web (2.5 GB of 3 G data) letting you call or send messages to your family as often as you want. The first line with the Walmart Family Plan is $34.88 per month, and additional lines added to the plan are only $24.88 per month (up to 5 per account).

walmart family mobile

The serviceicon is available online but it is really great to go in the store and ask questions from the associates if needed. If you find something online that they don’t have in your local store, just use the site-to-store option. It’s also possible to purchase the one-time starter kit for your phone. It has a SIM card and activation instructions.

Every store is different, but look for the “no-contract” section at your local Walmart electronics department. Usually it’s an island in the middle of the department. You can also research your options in the store with the Family Mobile information center.

With Walmart Family Mobile, you and your family can pin, post, tweet, snap, tag, chat, and share.