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Valentines Day Gifts

(ARA) – Saving money is a big deal these days, but you don’t want to skimp on those Valentine’s Day gifts you plan to give to your special someone.

Jewelry, chocolates and flowers of course are very popular gift items for the romantic holiday, but that can mean those items are higher in price – due to their popularity. Here are some hints to help you find fantastic gifts for everyone and keep some change in your pocket – without skimping.

* Sales, sales, sales, what more do you need?
Retailers recognize that everyone is looking for sales when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. And by combining coupons, discounts and sale prices, you can get some pretty good deals on Valentine’s Day favorites like Godiva chocolate. You’ll be tempting your Valentine’s sweet tooth with assorted flavors combining delicious chocolate with favorites like cashews and cherries, or letting the chocolate stand on its own in a beautiful dark setting. Check the fliers, go online and compare everything.

* Reduce the price and get a rebate.

Online shopping is growing in popularity because you save time, and money with great sites like You can find coupons and discount codes for more than 1,200 online stores, and you will also get a check back in the mail for a percentage of your purchases. If you’re interested in buying some sparkly jewelry, click on Blue Nile. You’ll not only browse the beautiful diamonds and gemstones that will have her gasping in awe, but also discover that you can earn 2.5 percent cash back when you make your purchase online.

* Coupons are back
Browsing through your newspaper’s advertisements can find you plenty of good deals on Valentine’s Day gifts. You might also find success with coupon magazines. But don’t forget to look online – if you’re shopping for jewelry, the local store might have a printable coupon you can bring in for a discount on what you purchase.

* Go big for extra savings.

If you’re interested in flowers for all your Valentines, don’t miss out on the 15 percent cash back you can get ordering all your flowers online through Make sure you check everyone off on your list – your mom, your sweetheart, your daughter and your sister. To make this gift extra special, do a little research and find out their favorite flowers or colors, and then design the bouquet specifically around that theme.

When they unwrap the gifts you thoughtfully picked gifts for them this Valentine’s Day, you know there will be a lot of smiles and hugs, and maybe even a tear or two.

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