Part of a kid’s childhood is to role play or pretend to be someone else. They can wear their Dad’s clothes or Mom’s dresses and pretend to be a businessman or a model, or they can use real grocery items and pretend to have their own supermarket. The Step2 Party Time Kitchenicon is another product from Step2 that fosters the growing imagination of kids by providing them with a way to pretend to be chefs without subjecting them to the dangers in the kitchen.


The Step2 Party Time Kitchenicon is composed of a 43.5 inch high kitchen set, which features a “stainless steel” stove, microwave, clock, phone, overhead light, and a refrigerator. The stove itself is a point of interest, since this provides realistic “frying” and “boiling” sounds whenever kids put a frying pan or a pot on the stove as they “cook” their meals. The entire set has accessories on the front, sides, and back, which means that every inch of this mini kitchen is used.

Aside from an interactive stove, kids can use the microwave, clock, phone, and overhead light. These are powered by 5 AA and 5 AAA batteries. The Step2 Party Time Kitchen also features storage drawers, cabinets, a drawer for the silverware, and two wicker baskets where kids can store their “food”. The countertop has been fashioned to look like it’s made from granite, and the sink has a faucet that swivels. All in all, this mini kitchen comes with 33 accessories.

The Step2 Party Time Kitchen needs to be assembled first before kids can begin playing, but parents have been able to assemble it in over an hour. The kitchen has a unisex design and allows two children to play at the same time, which is perfect for kids who are pretending to be Mom and Dad. Previous buyers have said that this is larger than most play kitchens. Most parents who have bought this product have given it 5 stars, and they highly recommend this play kitchen.

However, some parents have warned future buyers to check the set before assembling it, because parts may be missing. Some mothers have even fretted over the fact that the stickers need to be applied manually, which means that the kitchen may have a rather lopsided design if the stickers aren’t applied properly. Assembling the mini kitchen may be difficult, but if one has an electric screwdriver or drill, this task can go smoothly. One mother even revealed that she had to have her husband assemble the play kitchen himself, so it may be a good idea to begin assembling the play kitchen when the husbands or fathers are home. Finally, the mini kitchen only comes with the dishes and kitchen equipment, so parents would have to buy the play food separately.

This mini kitchen, like all other toys on the market, has its setbacks. But when parents think of the hours their kids can spend playing at this mini kitchen, then these are probably worth it.

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