The Step2 Flip n Doodleicon Art Desk Allows Your Toddlers to Discover Their Inner Picasso or Van Gogh

Some artists are made, not born. There is one product that can help one’s child to develop their artistic side even at a very young age. Previous buyers highly recommend the Step2 Flip n Doodle, which is an art desk that can be easily turned into an easel. The easel can be flipped over to serve as the table for the art desk. The easel has a metal board that can be easily wiped clean, which provides children as young as 2 years old a place to scribble on, instead of running their crayons all over the house.

Parents love the number of storage spaces provided by the Step2 Flip n Doodle; the art desk has drawers, trays, and small shelves where their child can store his/her art supplies and paper. The desk also has a small storage area at the back where they can keep a few books. The desk comes with storage bins and a storage space for coloring books. Finally, a small 11 inch stool completes the set. The stool has a wide base, which prevents kids from toppling over easily. Kids can hang their finished artwork on a clip that is attached to the easel, so that every member of the family can see what they’ve been doing for the past few hours.

The Step2 Flip n Doodle can help kids improve their artistic tendencies, and most parents and grandparents who have bought this product highly recommend it to others. They love the ease with which a 2 year old can flip the easel over to turn it into his/her art desk, and how the entire product can be assembled easily as well.

Aside from doubling as an art center, kids and even their parents can place other toys in the storage bins. The Step2 Flip n Doodle is very sturdy even if a screwdriver is the only tool needed to put the parts together. However, parents advise future buyers to use an electric screwdriver if they want to assemble the art desk faster. This seems to be a favorite among parents and grandparents, since most buyers have bought more than one unit for their children or grandchildren.

However, this art desk also has its downsides. First, the shelf located at the back can’t be reached by smaller or shorter kids, so they may have to get up and walk around the desk to get the things that they need. The art desk only comes in one color combination (white, blue, red, and orange), so it may not match the color of a kids’ room. The easel clip may not hold the paper well, but some parents have solved the problem by using tape. Finally, the art desk may be too small for children 5 years old and above, so parents may have to check the product’s dimensions before buying one.

If these disadvantages are only minimal, then parents or grandparents can go ahead and buy one for their beloved children or grandchildren. Not only will they get to keep everything in one place, the kids will be kept busy for hours on end without having to doodle on the walls and furniture.

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