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Settlers of Catan Board Game

If you enjoy board games then you really need to check this one out. It was first introduced back in Germany in 1995 and has already sold over 15 million games. It has also been translated into over thirty languages all over the world. It is called the Settlers of Catan and it gives us a whole new and exciting perspective on board games.

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One thing is for certain: this is not your typical board game. The Settlers of Catan can be used for family play and is unique in that no one is eliminated form play. This is a refreshing way to participate in a game since you know that you will be around until the conclusion. Plus, even if a played gets behind they still have the ability to catch up and are given goals in order to accomplish this in a realistic time frame.

The phenomenal popularity of the game is due to its combination of luck as well as strategy. One of the main features of it is the ability to develop your bargaining power to get what you need in order to achieve your goals. In the end you will find yourself experiencing everything from scheming to laughing.

Once you have a game plan you will need to think through your actions to achieve success. This is not your typical luck of the draw game. Nor does it rely solely on the roll of dice in order to determine your fate. Each player has the ability to accomplish what he or she wants as long as they plan and coordinate accordingly. Strategy, after all, is the key.

Here is how The Settlers of Catan works: each player represents a settler who is working to establish a colony on the fictitious island of Catan., which is represented by the board itself. Players work to build roads and towns that will connect them to each other. The developments are constructed with the use of resources. These resources are spread throughout the board and since certain areas supply only certain resources it is imperative that a player makes their way to all of the areas that pertain to their individual needs.

Resources can also be traded among players as long as both parties agree to the transaction. But resources can be temporarily robbed by an individual staking claim to an area. Once the robber moves on the resources can once again be allocated.

A twist of the game is that a resource card can be used to purchase a development card. Why is this important? Because each one gives a distinct advantage to the holder and creates a new development in the game that advances the holder even closer to victory.

Specific parts of the island are prime locations and therefore are places that all players will vie for. Once they are established as a settlement the owner can capitalize on their success by trading with the bank at a two-to-one or even three-to-one ratio.

The object of the game is to build as many settlements as possible with each one counting as one point. A settlement that is upgraded to a city counts for two points. Points can also be granted for such activities as building the longest road or developing the largest army. The first player to ten points wins the game.

Not only is it a very successful game but also in its first year it won first place in the prestigious German Game Prize competition. This is an important award for a board game to be awarded and no easy task for any maker to accomplish. The votes are tallied from such groups as professionals, magazines, stores and even game clubs. This wide variety of input means that the game has reached a substantial and diverse number of audiences.

The Settlers of Catan also won German’s title of Game of the Year in its first year. This increased publicity brought attention to the game and catapulted its sales into the stratosphere almost overnight. Now that more people have been introduced to its unique style they are flocking to it by the droves.

The Settlers of Catan is a game that incorporates all of the aspects of business, entrepreneurship, and finances. It will change the way you look at board games forever.

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