Riding toys have been the fascination of kids not only for decades, but also for generations. Now comes the latest in this evolution of the scooter. It’s called the Razor E200 and it is the one scooter that will forever change the way you look at riding toys.

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With the vast assortment of scooters available on the market today there has to be significant reason to choose one particular make and model over all of the others. Once you experience this ride you will know why this one gets picked.

One of the overall redeeming qualities of this unit is the sleek design. This, along with the substantial power generated by the motor, helps to give it the ability of cruising up to 12 miles per hour. The motor is a high torque chain driven design, which helps to make it ultra quiet and is good news for the neighbors. Add to that the fact that it has a twist grip throttle on the handlebar and it becomes a pleasure to ride.

While some versions of scooters have a seat, which greatly limits your riding area, this one comes with a full size deck and frame for standing comfortably. There is plenty of room for a teenage or even an adult who finds it irresistible. And since the rear brake is hand operated all of the controls become user friendly.

The Razor E200 is a superior ride simply from the fact that it can hold up to 220 pounds. This is good for parents who may also have the urge to take it out for a spin. But it will really come in handy when friends want to jump on for a ride with your child.


And you won’t be limited in travel distance, either, since this unit comes with a travel capability of up to 45 minutes. That’s off of an 8-hour charge, which should give you lots of enjoyment before hooking it up again for your next excursion.

Kids will enjoy the smooth ride thanks to the 8-inch pneumatic tires that will take them easily over practically any terrain they should encounter. Your standard tires on most other models are much smaller which makes the riding experience much rougher and far less enjoyable.

They also thought of other neat little features in the design such as a fold down kickstand to prevent scratches and possible damage to the frame and handlebar folding mechanism for easier carrying capability in vehicles.

The Razor E200 is the perfect way to sport around the area in style and comfort. The only bad part is once your kids try it out for the first time they won’t be able to resist its attraction.

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