Wowwee Usa Fingerlings Carousel Playset


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How do Fingerlings have fun? On a magical carousel, of course! The Twirl-a-Whirl Playset is the perfect place for Abigail, the glittery baby monkey included inside, to let loose. Spin the heart at the top to set the carousel in motion, and let the fun begin! Place Abigail securely on a seat or place her upside down in, and watch her go! You can also hang her by the tail from the upper ropes or give her a push on the swings. So many magical ways to play! This durable, rainbow-inspired playset features a carousel with two swings and two harnesses to secure your Fingerlings, plus braided upper ropes for your Fingerlings and mini friends who feel like hanging around. Give it a whirl and see how magic makes the world go round! Twirl-a-Whirl playset includes Abigail, a Fingerlings baby monkey who loves to hang on and go for a spin!

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