Wowables ™ – The Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towels (30 count) As Seen on TV!



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Bamboo and “Unpaper” Towels do not Biodegrade but Wowables do. That’s a huge difference when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Plus, the money savings over regular “Big Brand” disposables is significant. One 30-Count roll of Wowables can last up to 2.5 years (depending on usage style), saving the average family of one-time-use paper towel users up to $500 per roll and over $14,000 over a lifetime! Reusable usually means inconvenient but not with Wowables. Wowables – the reusable paper towels, simply get rinsed off with just water in between uses making for an easy alternative to disposables.

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