The Original Fat Burner Weight Loss Vibration Belt As Seen On TV



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Have you thought if we can find something that can make our shape slim, and also can be a massager to ease the tense and make us become energetic, we will be very happy. This high frequency vibration to reduce the fat: the motor will work in high frequency and transform the fat into Aliphatic, glycerol,water and so on, and omit out of body through lymphatic system. It has 5 high-power electric motors, 20 magnetic stones,and the automatic safe protection automatic safe protections: short circuit protection, low voltage protection:output voltage is 12V,overheat protection,insulation protection strong magnetic field: intense the vitality of the cells and improve microcirculation,as well as nourishing our skin. It is veiwed as one of the most effective products to remove fat and it is adjustable for the strong and weak mode, strong for reducing the fat,weak for massaging the body to ease tense . You can use this vibration belt while reading, watching TV, running, telephoning, playing table games, chatting, doing office work, cooking, doing housework, surfing the internet, having a rest The size: 130*12CM, everyday we use it for 5 minutes, it will help us to be slim Package: 1* vibration massage belt 1* user manual 1*power supply

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