Step2 Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster with over 10 feet of track



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This colorful anniversary edition Children’s Step2 Up-and-Down Roller Coaster can give kids the thrill of having their very own amusement park ride at home. Youngsters can use it to develop balance and coordination along with gross motor skills by pushing the coaster car back to the top of the raised track and then holding on as they ride the wavy track down to ground level. This anniversary edition up-and-down roller coasterincludes a fully assembled ATV-style coaster car that provides them with a double hand grip handlebar and integrated foot ridges for increased point of contact safety. This sturdy, colorful riding toy will can make a fun addition to an indoor playroom or backyard. With over 10′ of track length, the Step2 Up-and-Down Roller Coaster provides a thrilling way to support independent playtime and healthy activity.

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