ProForm SMART Performance 800i Treadmill with 1-Year iFit Membership



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See the world one workout at a time on the ProForm SMART Performance 800i Folding Treadmill. Activate the included one-year iFit membership to elevate your exercise experience and unlock interactive personal training in your home. Set off on a virtual trek across the world, following your favorite iFit trainer from the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the frozen expanse of Antarctic tundras. Transform your living room into a boutique studio class, engaging with charismatic coaches as they digitally control your machines speed and incline settings to meet your workout requirements – making for a fully immersive training experience. ProShox cushioning helps protect and preserve your legs as you run, making for a more comfortable workout and recovery. With QuickSpeed and Quick Incline Controls, youll be able to run up to 12 MPH and between a -2% decline to 10% incline grade at the touch of a button. Powered by a 2.75 CHP motor that was built to last, the ProForm Performance 800i treadmill provides the perfect path to focused, intense training.

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