ProForm Pro 2000 Folding Treadmill, iFit Coach Compatible



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Rise to meet your goals with the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill. Bring your training indoors to escape the heat, cold, bad air, or dangerous traffic while maintaining the quality of your workout. Enhance your workout with an iFit membership (sold separately) and bring the power of a personal trainer and the excitement of global workout destinations into the comfort of your home. Receive personalized workout suggestions, meal and sleep advice, and let your chosen trainer lead you to success. Enjoy iFits revolutionary incline matching technology, your trainer will digitally control your machines speed and incline to simulate a variety of terrains for a fully immersive workout experience. Turn up the heat by adjusting your machines incline from -3% to an unprecedented 15% grade, or adjust your speed up to 12 MPH with Digital QuickSpeed Controls. Cool off with a built-in workout fan and stay entertained with the treadmills 7 backlit display and Bluetooth audio system. ProShox cushioning protects your joint and reduces your recovery time. Track your heart rate with EKG pulse monitors and a wireless chest strap** for more accurate results. When you are done working out, a SpaceSaver design allows you to fold up your treadmill deck and walk away in one easy step.

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