LEGO City Fire Dock Side Fire 60213 Building Set (97 Pieces)


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Protect the LEGO City waterfront with the cool 60213 Dock Side Fire set, featuring a fireboat firefighter toy with new-for-January-2019 water cannon with multi-shot function and a motor that can be raised, plus a dock scene with a walkie-talkie, 2 oil barrels, dolly, and 2 minifigures. This 97-piece building set is suitable for kids ages 5 years and up. The pieces are a little bigger so even little hands can put it together. Protect the city waterfront on the dock scene with a ladder. First, lower the motor on the fireboat and race toward the dock fire. Then, load 3 water elements into the cannon and push the plunger to shoot them at the fire to pretend to put it out. The boat really floats for a more realistic touch.

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2019-06-30 01:51:32