CMPLE SVGA (Super VGA) Male/Male Monitor Cable w/Ferrites â 50 Feet


CMPLE SVGA (Super VGA) Male/Male Monitor Cable w/Ferrites â 50 Feet USA, USA, LLC

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SVGA (Super VGA) M/M Monitor Cable With Ferrites (Gold Plated) â 50FeetWith all of the technological advances weâ ve seen over the last few years, itâ s hard to â defineâ equipment anymore. As recently as five or ten years ago, a computer was a computer, a television was a television, and a phone was a phone. Not anymore. We routinely watch TV, play high-resolution games and have voice and video chats on our computers, and we surf and watch Internet videos on our phones and HDTVs. For many applications, our devices are interchangeable. That makes it more important than ever to be able to seamlessly move audio and video signals between devices without signal loss. When that task must be accomplished between video sources and computer monitors, itâ s often accomplished by using a SVGA or VGA cable, particularly when you donâ t have the very latest TVs with multiple HDMI connectors or monitors with DVI jacks. And when the video needs to be high-quality, itâ s best accomplished by using our Cmple SVGA male-to-male monitor cable with ferrite cores. This analog cable is backward-compatible, meaning it can act as a VGA cable and carry the lower-resolution signals we were accustomed to in pre-high definition days. But as a super-VGA cable, it can support todayâ s common high-resolutions like 800 x 600 and 1280 x 720 and support up to 16 million colors without breaking a sweat. It has standard SVGA/VGA male connectors on both ends (sometimes referred to as HD15, DB15, RGB, RGBHV or PC in/out), so one side easily plugs into your HDTV or other video source while the other plugs directly into your computer monitor. It only takes seconds, and the ten-foot length of this Cmple cable gives you plenty of play to make the connection. We design our SVGA monitor cables to ensure the highest quality signal transfer possible. They are made from double shielded coax with four twisted pairs in order to guarantee low signal loss. And they are protected almost completely from the ra

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