Clawbroom® – Combination Broom and Rake, Easy Push & Pull Design, Use on Stairs and Uneven Surfaces, As Seen on TV



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Claw your way to clean with the CLAWBROOM! The easy push & pull design helps you sweep and rake with just one tool. Telescoping adjusting handle helps you reach behind and in between spaces, and makes it more comfortable to use. The CLAWBROOM has curved bristles that enable you to pull leaves, dirt and debris out from underneath cabinets, furniture, air conditioning units, etc. Sweeping and raking your yard, garage or home has never been easier! The curved claw-like bristles are made from the same strong material as string cutters, and is perfect for difficult areas like rubber surfaces, stairs, uneven areas, and around rocks.Works great on both wet and dry surfaces, and even for sweeping light snow in the winter!

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