Building Fun with LEGO Mosaics Set LEGO 6162


Building Fun with LEGO Mosaics Set LEGO 6162 USA, USA, LLC

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Create unique LEGO art! LEGO Mosaic is a great new way to build color, artistic and creative skills while having fun at the same time! Follow the instructions to build 4 different mosaics, or use your imagination to create even more with colorful LEGO pieces. Display your creation or take it apart and start on your next masterpiece! The possibilities are endless. * Includes a special 5″ x 5″ (12.7cm x 12.7cm) transparent baseplate for building over your favorite image. * Includes building instructions for 4 different models and inspiration for more! * Build 2D or 3D models! * Includes coupling plate for hanging your creation!

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