Big Boss 16 Quart 1300-Watt Oil-less Air Fryer & Tabletop Convection Oven, Easy Operation with Built In Timer, Includes 50 Recipe Cookbook, White, As Seen on TV



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This Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer revolutionizes the art of cooking your favorite fried foods. It has a 16 qt capacity and uses a 1300W high-speed. This electric oil-less fryer can be used to make onion rings, fresh fries and much more without the mess of classic style units. There’s no need to defrost or pre-heat food before adding it to the device. It uses a halogen lamp to cook food thoroughly. This unit can roast, bake and air fry to create a crispy, browned outside. It’s also energy-efficient. This innovative Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer delivers a tasty flavor to food without the use of added fats or oils.

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