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Share music with friends portably with the Magic Bullet speaker. A mini portable speaker with big sound, the Magic Bullet connects to most music storage devices and brings their sound to life. Whether you keep your tunes on you iPod, iPad or mobile phones, the Magic Bullet speaker connects through the headphones slot and amplifies the sound for everyone to enjoy. Tiny enough to fit in your pocket, you can take this remarkable As Seen on TV speaker everywhere your music goes. With a 100% sound amplification, you’ll get up to 7 hours of concert-like sound quality. The Magic Bullet speaker also expands for deeper bass when you’re playing club music or electronic. Recharge this little miracle with the included USB cable and get the party started. If your collection of mp3 yearns for a larger audience, consider buying the Music Bullet Mini Portable Speaker. Music Bullet Mini Portable Speaker: Mini portable speaker with big sound1000% sound amplificationMagic Bullet speaker works with devices like your iPad, iPod, mobile phones and mp3 playersRechargeable with the included USB cableRuns up to 7 hours with each chargePops up for richer bass soundMake your personal music collection accessible to everyone

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