As Seen on TV J.B. Berns Urban Rebounder with Mega DVD of 6 Workouts



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The J.B. Berns Urban Rebounder Folding Trampoline Workout System is a nonstop abdominal workout that melts the fat, strengthens your core and improves your balance and coordination. You can easily perform the Urban Rebounding workout in the comfort of your own home on this 40 inch Bounce Rebounder in just 20 minutes a day, three times per week. Those who want a low-impact, high-efficiency workout, get this trampoline workout system that is ideal for athletes, seniors and anyone else. Working all major muscle groups simultaneously, the workout combines numerous movements including abs, squats, lunges, push-ups and dips. Equipped with contoured grip handles durable springs, steel pins this high-quality trampoline provides ultimate stability. This Bounce Rebounder can be easily folded and stored in a unit. The As Seen on TV Urban Rebounder was created by J.B. Berns, a martial artist for more than 20 years.

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