Arctic Air Portable in Home Air Cooler As Seen on TV


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As Seen On TV, Arctic Air Evaporative Air Cooler, Works On Power Of Water Evaporation, Taking Hot and Dry Air and Making It Cool and Moist, Simplest and Most Efficient Cooling Technology, Freon Free and Doesn’t Need Any Other Toxic Coolants, Safe To Use But Eco-Friendly, Personal Space Air Cooler Actually Cools The Air Around You, Sleek Compact Design Fits Nicely On Your Desk, Nightstand Or Coffee Table, Wherever You Need It, Great For Dens, Reading Nooks, Work, Dorm Rooms, Offices, Home Offices, Campers, Work Spaces, Benches, Basements, Garages and More.

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As Seen on TV


2019-05-13 02:08:19