Alien Conquest Alien Striker Set LEGO 7049


Keep your child engrossed for hours with the new LEGO Alien Conquest Alien Striker set. It comes with 42 pieces and includes two mini figures This LEGO building set allows your child to join in the adventure to stop the outer space bully from destroying the city. The striker is armed with laser guns. Your kid will have to help the soldier to send the bug-eyed invader back to his lair. The kids’ building set is great for solo play but can also be a lot of fun if shared with friends and playmates. USA, USA, LLC

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Stop the alien invader! The alien defense unit soldier is on the look out for an alien invader speeding around the city. Stop the outer space bully from capturing anything he can get his suckers on! Dodge the strikers laser guns and send the bug eyed invader back to where he came from! * Includes 2 minifigures: alien defense unit soldier and alien trooper * Alien Striker measures over 2 (5cm) wide

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