Ab Doer 360 Complete Workout Ab Machine in Seated Comfort, As Seen on TV



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Ab Workouts Made EasyTone your muscles, tighten your abs and burn fat with the As Seen On TV Ab Doer 360 Complete Workout Ab Machine! The Ab Doer 360 targets your core, activates more muscles and massages your back while you exercise with an all-in-one easy movement. This is the only fitness system to utilize Abdobics, the revolutionary workout scientifically designed to burn more calories and build muscle fast. Do simple ab workouts at home that will help you reach your fitness and health goals. Build Ab Muscles and Burn Calories, Comfortably! As Seen On TV Ab Doer 360 Complete Workout Ab Machines secret is in John Abdos exclusive combination of ab-toning and muscle-shaping with heart pounding cardio. With patented Multidirectional Technology, the this product targets major muscles around your waistline and lower core. The 360-degree movement of the Ab Doer 360 is designed to tighten your core, improve flexibility and alleviate back discomfort all from a comfortable, seated position. No need for an uncomfortable ab bench. Anyone Can Use It Anywhere! The Ab Doer 360 is lightweight and compact design enables you to get fit anywhere, making it an effective workout solution for every age, size and fitness level. The provided DVD allows you to do your ab workout at home, or anywhere you want. With this product you will revolutionize your ab workout routine and transform your body faster than ever before!

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