5 Second Fix Liquid-Plastic Welding Tool, 1.0 CT



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The 5-Second Fix Liquid Plastic Welding Tool helps make quick repairs around the home. It has a special liquid-plastic formula that instantly cures when activated by the UV light. The binding formula in this 5-second welding tool only bonds when you activate it using the included UV light. It can be used to bond plastic, metal, fabric, wood, glass, rubber, tile, acrylic, PVC, ceramic and leather/vinyl. As Seen on TV 5-second fix can repair virtually anything better than glue. When activated, it creates a durable permanent bond, stops leaks and fills cracks. Its waterproof, heat resistant dries clear. It is ideal for porous and non-porous surfaces. When dry, it is flexible, sandable and paintable so you can create seamless repairs that can be treated to match the original surface. Around the home, you can use it to fix your favorite mug, a leak under a sink or special keepsake. Use it to fasten a tear in fabric in your car, repair your eyeglasses and more.

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