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Discover the Power of Your Mind Through Mindflex

Mattel is a toy manufacturing company that is known for introducing the world famous Barbie doll. Now, through Mindflex, Mattel is introducing the true power of a person’s mind. This new game allows players to harness their mind power and control a virtual ball through hoops, loops, and other obstacles placed on a small, portable stage no bigger than a basin.


Mindflexicon provides players with their own interactive playing environment and allows them to test how powerful their mind can be. The game uses a headset that is able to measure the player’s brainwave activity through the different sensors that are placed on the headset. When the player concentrates, he/she can cause a small foam ball to rise and levitate in the small playing “arena”. What happens next depends on the player; he/she can make the ball move inside tubes or through hoops, just by focusing their mind on the ball. They can even adopt gestures that can help them navigate the ball all over the arena.

The unit needs 4 C and 2 AAA batteries in order to work. Once players have everything set up, they can challenge their friends, family members, and other acquaintances to a “mental marathon”. Here they can see who is able to easily put their mind power to use and master the ups and downs of the game (literally). The secret to Mindflex lies in the advanced technology adopted by Mattel.

The game is perfect for children ages 8 years old and up, but that isn’t stopping adults from trying the power of their minds against this mentally stimulating game. Some users have enthusiastically rated the game 5 stars and have remarked on the different challenges posed by the game. They have even described the eagerness of their children to try the game once they found it among their Christmas or birthday presents.

This game, however, has its own disadvantages. Some users have commented on the noise emitted by the unit, plus the rather uncomfortable fit of the headset, such as the ear pieces. Another downside to this game is that it may seem boring to younger children. Some consumers bought this game as a birthday present for their 8 year old child, only to have their son/daughter keep the game inside his/her toy chest or closet because he/she wasn’t interested. Before buying this game, parents might want to check if their children are up to doing this sort of game. Teenagers nowadays may find this concept cool and interesting, but chances are younger kids may be more interested in other things.

Mindflex relies on a person’s patience (it may take some time before a player can successfully lift and control the ball), focus, stamina, and determination. These alone can keep players preoccupied for hours on end, as they attempt to move the ball through the loops and other obstacles that they can rearrange in different positions. This customizing feature can pose another challenge to players since they aren’t sure what type of obstacles they will encounter the next time they unlock their unexplored mental powers.

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