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Finger Drums

Always tapping your desk, or beating with a pen or pencil?

Then you need Finger Drums!


This tabletop electric drum set is a miniature version of the real thing.  Finger Drums are a super small drum set that you play with your fingers!  Full sized electronic sound comes from the large and small tom-tom, base drum with (small!) foot pedal, snare and cymbal.  The drum kit lights up with each tap, making it even funner!  It even comes with a built in recording device so you can capture your best drumbeats for playback later.

You will be the envy of all your co-workers when you have this completely interactive drum set on your desk.  Or drive your co-workers crazy by blowing out a few riffs from your cubical.  It is the perfect alternative to tapping your fingers, clicking the top of your pen or jamming out by slapping your legs.

Express yourself with Finger Drums in a way that will get people to join in or ask you to leave the building!  Highly addictive drum set will have any percussionist in seventh heaven as they bang all day.  Comedians can end every joke with a boom-boom kah-ctzzee.  Even mid-level managers can practice their drum roll for the boss’ big meeting!  Playback your greatest beats over the phone to your friends and jam out everyday with Finger Drums!

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Nettalk Tk6000 Softphone

In these times when folks are trying to cut back on their monthly utitlity bills, it is always refreshing when a product comes along that helps consumers save money. Using a computer or internet service connection, folks can save on their phone long distance by using the new NetTalk TK6000 softphone.

The NetTalk TK 6000 is much like the popular Magic Jack internet phone service in that it saves on your monthly long distance phone bill and offers free voice mail, Directory Assistance and a phone number. But with the NetTalk TK6000 you also receive FREE 3-way calling, FREE conference calling, Free Voice Messages to your e-mail, and your free phone number is local!

The main draw of the Nettalk TK60000 softphone is that it does not need a computer to function. The patent pending technology makes it designed to work with or without a computer. Connect the TK6000 directly to a router, saving you from having to leave your computer turned on to make and receive calls. If you are on the go, or don’t have access to a router, then you can utilize a computer’s internet connection via a USB port. It works either way.

The Nettalk TK6000 provides unlimited local and long distance calling throughout the U.S. and Canada. Just plug it into your high-speed Internet router or computer, and then your existing home phone into the TK6000 and call anywhere in the US and Canada. It provides free directory assistance (411) and many other features traditional phone companies provide, but without any monthly fees.

TK6000 Functionality

With a product as innovative as this one, of course the discussion of functionality comes into play. Although the product resembles the Magic Jack, the TK6000 has an RJ45 port for connecting to a router and it’s USB port is classified as a mini port. Some reviewers have stated that only limited area codes are available and it’s calling system seems to be somewhat disorganized. However, the product promises to give the user a thorough internet phone based experience, for a very low price.

It enables anyone who uses it to connect with friends and family all over the world without very expensive long distance phone bills. It even promises to not even deliver phone bills anymore. Also, Free North Americanlocal and long distance enable the user to call any other TK6000 around the globe. It can also be taken internationally and used to call back any US or Canadian area code. Directory assistance (411) is also included at no charge.

Serious Functionality – 911 Emergency Calling

As with other voice over Internet (VOIP) products, the serious issue of 911 and emergency calling comes up. A lot of discussion have been made in recent years on the ability of these new low cost phone services to enable and provide fast, reliable emergency 911 calling. In this regard, the TK6000 uses VIXXI Solutions, Inc. to provide the Emergency 911 for their voice solution.

VIXXI’s Emergency 911 solution allows Nettalk customers to place emergency calls that deliver accurate caller information to the correct emergency response center, even when traveling with their portable product. The company selected VIXXI’s fully-managed end-to-end Emergency 911 solution, “VIXXI-Link”, which provides real-time address validation and automated ALI management for immediate 911 availability to stationary or traveling customers. As customers travel with their softphone, they can easily register their location to ensure they remain E911-protected. This solution also enables their patent-pending “Dynamic Geospatial Routing” (DGR), which calculates the correct PSAP route at the time of the call. This is especially critical for the changing location of roaming users.

Pricing – No complications

So finally, after all the discussion of functionality, the important issue of pricing comes into play. It is not enough to get flooded with all sorts of acronyms that people have to remember in order to understand what they’re getting. The long distance and all of the additional features like caller ID and voice mail are nice. The discussion of all the pros and cons are great as well. But what consumers look for with these type of items are just a simple, reliable, cost effective, easy to setup, easy to use provider with good sound quality to replace thier regular phone company line so they can save money. That being said, the going price for the Nettalk TK6000 softphone is about $100 which is good for three years of phone service, and just about $20 per year after that.

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Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree Planter

About a year or two ago, a product hit the market called the topsy turvy tomato planter.  It was one of those as seen on tv” items. It became very popular, and was soon followed by a strawberry planter.  Now the tomato planter has been revamped, and we now have the topsy turvy tomato tree.

Unlike the old Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter which needed to be hung in one sturdy spot, the Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree comes complete with its own stand. You don’t have to worry about putting more holes in your wall or garage. It can be put on a deck, or moved indoors. Setup takes less than five minutes and it can hold up to three plants in one planter.

This new version is also much larger holding about 10 gallons of soil, and including a built-in funnel on top for watering. If there isn’t enough  time or the space for a full garden, then consider theTomato Tree.

It’s also not just for tomatoes; you can also grow cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, fresh herbs and more. It’s perfect for decks, patios, balconies or small yards. Just plant the plants in the side ports, add water in the top, and then watch the plants grow big & healthy.  Assembly is also very easty, taking only minutes to set up.

The Tomato Tree is said to grow plants up to six feet tall, and produce about 200 tomatoes.