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Lets Rock Elmo

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Rock on and Rock out with Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo!

lets rock elmo
Let’s Rock Elmo is the singing, dancing and action-packed new toy for children.
Sesame Street’s loveable red monster rocks a cool tee-shirt and he loves performing with youngsters.
Elmo will sing into his microphone, bangs his drums, shake his tambourine and boogie his way to six Sesame Street songs.

Your little one can rock out with Elmo. Dressed in a concert-style tee, Elmo takes the stage singing and making music and children can too. Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments — a tambourine and a drum set. Kids can choose which instrument Elmo plays, and he ‘magically’ recognizes which one he’s given. With these accessories, Elmo and the child can form a “band”, playing one of the different built in songs or creating a new one. Each of the instruments are the perfect size for little toddler hands, introducing them to instruments and making music.

It all began with the original Tickle Me Elmo doll, released in 1996 just in time for Christmas, and causing quite a stir among retailers and consumers alike. In 2001, the “Surprise Edition” of Tickle Me Elmo was released, bringing another Elmo to Hot Toy Mania. Then, in 2006, Elmo evolved to TMX (Tickle Me Elmo Ten) and he wasn’t just a doll anymore. He became an interactive toy. Elmo would roll around on the ground, wave his arm up and down, and beg the child to stop tickling him. A score of other Elmo dolls followed, including one that could recite stories to children, and each has consistently become a Hot Toy.

Every year, there is always that new “it” Elmo toy. Playskool is doing Sesame Street this year, and, they have some big plans for the BIG Elmo toy. Rock music is on the air! And every body likes to rock out! For those reasons, Lets Rock Elmo is available to go rocking out with your kids from now on.
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