The Harry Potter phenomenon continues!

The LEGO Hogawarts game is the ideal gift for a child that they can use for years to come. Here you have something interesting for the smaller fan who can use it as they grow and a board game that they can continue to use while they are young and even as they get older.

LEGO has done it again by combining the thrill and adventure of the Harry Potter saga with their famous building blocks. Every child loves to stretch their imagination into creating their own masterpieces and now they can incorporate these beloved movie characters into their designs.

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The building set includes 332 pieces that your child can use to construct the Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There is a buildable LEGO die and, of course, there are a total of 9 microfigures of all your Harry Potter favorites.

The LEGO Hogwarts Game is designed for 2 to 4 players where players move their way from secret passages to moving staircases to find their way around the magical castle. As you make your way through the different passages you have to collect homework from each class. The first person to collect all their work and make it successfully back to the common room is the winner!

But don’t forge that this is a magic school so get ready for witchcraft and sorcery to get in the way at every possible chance. Add to that the fact that opponents can relocate staircases and create other obstacles for their foes to encounter adds to the excitement. There is an endless combination of ways that opponents can thwart each other in their quest to be the top wizard.

Building the board game itself is fun and exciting for little ones, but then being able to play an actual game on it that is separate from the blocks is a great way to finish things off. But don’t let the fact that it is designed for children to fool you: adults will love the LEGO Hogwarts game, too! This is not just a simple game to amuse kids. It is complex enough to keep the parent’s attention, as well.

One reason that parents love the game so much is that it helps to teach creativity and imagination together. The game is not set in its premise so it can easily be adapted to be played any number of ways.

Parents especially love the LEGO Hogwart Game because it is so easy to store. Everything fits easily into the box without the rigorous chore of having to be disassembled. That makes it fun to get out without ruining the mood when it is time to put it away until next time. The instructions are also easy to understand and play right along with other LEGO products.

Kids and parents everywhere are discovering the fun and excitement of the LEGO Hogwarts Game. It is guaranteed to be a great addition to play time in homes everywhere!

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