Halloween Costume Ideas 2015

walmart halloweenMovies, tv shows, sporting events, and pop culture top this year’s list of Halloween costume ideas for 2014. Movies like Guardians of the Galaxy
icon, Avengers Age Of Ultronicon were blockbusters. Tv Shows were popular this year, and musicians such as Pharell
icon, continued to give us something to look at and some good music to listen to.

The best movies in recent years have come from Marvel.  This year Avengers Age Of Ultron
icon continued the popularity of the Marvel universe. Not only was it an excellent film with plenty of action, but it had a great storyline and characters. With all of the different characters involved, this movie alone has a plethora of halloween costume ideas that could be drawn from it. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Ultron were popular characters.icon

The surprise hit from last year was Guardians of the Galaxyicon. This film became a hit, not only because of the fresh new characters and action, but also the visuals and the awesome soundtrack. Guardians  probably represents the best halloween costumes to choose from for men, women, and children this year. A person can have a choice of becoming the heroic Star Lord,  the beautiful, sexy, Gamora, the heroic Drax, the curious tree-like creature, Groot, or everyone’s favorite Rocket Raccoon.  Each outfit has its perks, and any combination of these three can make a good halloween outing for a couple or group.

Last year, Maleficent made a huge impact at the movie theater. Angelina Jolie portrayed the mysterious character from the Sleeping Beauty story. This year, Cinderella made an impact at the box office.
Last year, the World Cup of soccer held in Brazil was a big sporting event. Next year, the Olympics will be in Brazil as well. Sporting events  which feature swimmers, gymnasts, and track and field stars can also make great Halloween costume ideas.

What other ideas can you think of Halloween costumes? There are new tv shows, movies, and political figures out there just waiting to be made fun of this Halloween.  A lot of movies, and tv shows that are old can be brought back as well.

Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable, or ridiculous times of the year. If you have a costume that’s a flop, your Halloween evening can become less than stellar. So make sure you have a great Halloween costume idea that’s timely, impressive, and a good match with your own personal style.

halloween costume ideas 2015