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Finger Drums

Always tapping your desk, or beating with a pen or pencil?

Then you need Finger Drums!


This tabletop electric drum set is a miniature version of the real thing.  Finger Drums are a super small drum set that you play with your fingers!  Full sized electronic sound comes from the large and small tom-tom, base drum with (small!) foot pedal, snare and cymbal.  The drum kit lights up with each tap, making it even funner!  It even comes with a built in recording device so you can capture your best drumbeats for playback later.

You will be the envy of all your co-workers when you have this completely interactive drum set on your desk.  Or drive your co-workers crazy by blowing out a few riffs from your cubical.  It is the perfect alternative to tapping your fingers, clicking the top of your pen or jamming out by slapping your legs.

Express yourself with Finger Drums in a way that will get people to join in or ask you to leave the building!  Highly addictive drum set will have any percussionist in seventh heaven as they bang all day.  Comedians can end every joke with a boom-boom kah-ctzzee.  Even mid-level managers can practice their drum roll for the boss’ big meeting!  Playback your greatest beats over the phone to your friends and jam out everyday with Finger Drums!

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