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Fijit Friends

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Have Fun with the Innovative Fijit Friends Interactive Toy!

fijit friends
Mattel’s Fijit Friends are fun, innovative, and interactive toys that can be your child’s best friend.
They are best described as awesome, cute, quirky, futuristic-looking, fun, interactive and innovative.

There are four Fijit Friends in all, and each one has a unique personality and jokes to share.
The four Fijit Friends include Serafina (pink), Logan (blue), Sage (green), and Willa (purple).

They are colorful, chatty creatures that respond to voice commands singing, dancing and interacting with your child.
Each Fijit Friend has their own characteristics and their own distinct personality.
Each one responds with over 150 different phrases and tells jokes.
They also recognize music and have different dance moves.

They respond to about 30 different commands such as telling jokes or responding to questions about looks.
They also has a beat recognition feature where they dances and move according to the type of music being played. The faces light up when they are interacting.

Fijit Friends are colorful and durable. They are soft, and have lifelike movements. Girls can poke, squeeze, and bend Fijit Friends and they will not break.

They are guaranteed to make your little one laugh! These multi-colored, warm and friendly and talkative playthings are certain to grab her creativity and be her new best friend forever!

Pretty much since toys and technology were introduced to each other, manufacturers have been competing to create the perfect interactive companion for kids. Fijit Friends are innovative and appropriate because they focus on the things little girls enjoy.
They can be considered like modern day stuffed animals, without the fluff.
If you want a really awesome and singing toy for your little queen, then the innovative Fijit Friends are without a doubt a fantastic choice.
Fijit friends are available at Amazon and Walmart

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