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Disney Princess and Me

The beauty of Disney princesses is unquestionable, and now JAKKS Pacific has created five finely crafted 18 inch dolls to showcase their amazing features. Disney Princess fans can imagine all of the royal adventures of Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana and Belle as they play with these wonderful reproductions. They are intended for princess enthusiasts from age 3 to age 8.

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What’s so great about these dolls is that a little girl can choose the princess with whom she most identifies. She can then enter into a world of princess daydreams and tea parties. The dolls truly are works of art in their own right as they feature silky hair, gentle and sweet faces, signature gowns and, of course, tiaras.

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Another great feature of these dolls is that a little girl can also purchase the same dress to match her doll. In fact, the dresses and matching ballet and sleepwear is sold separately so that a little girl can always match her doll’s ensemble. In fact, ball gowns are also being offered so that a little girl can totally match her doll’s dress for the big imaginary princess balls she will certainly attend. Each doll comes with an invitation to become a member of the Princess & Me Royal family.

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The Cinderella doll is amazing with her amazingly designed dress which includes 3 layers. It has an under skirt in satin and features a glitter print peplum sparkle organza print. The bodice of the dress is velveteen with 2 tone organza on the sleeves. There is even intricate ruching on the front panel. Aside from just her gorgeous clothing, this doll has the highest grade of glass eyes called Macor eyes. Her blue eyes have four different shades in her iris. Her hair is made of the finest rooted hair imported from Japan. Her skin is a matte porcelain finish and her tiara is dazzling with a high gloss metallic finish accented in rhinestones.

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All of the dolls in this line are just as finely detailed, and all come with the official trust mark of the Disney Princess & Me line which is located on each doll’s foot. This doll is so popular that Toys “R” Us recently named it as one of their “Fabulous 15” toys for the upcoming holiday season. It is thought that these dolls are perfect for older girls too because they are so into fashion. These dolls are meant to be like a “friend” to the girl, and of course friends want to look alike with their fashions!

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