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Lima Cloud Storage Device

Meet The New Lima Cloud Storage Device

lima cloud storage device
Introducing the Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device. It is unlike any device seen before. It is packed with a wide range of options, and with it, your entire digital life can go with you, even without relying only on cloud technology. Every device you own will have simple access to your music, videos, photos, personal documents, and data. There is no need to manually synchronize, back up, and monitor your files. It’s a specific kind of technology that hasn’t been seen before, giving users a secure and easy way to keep their data organized. Files are readily available no matter if you’re on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Keeping track of all of your personal videos, photos, and files always seems to be a daunting task for some individuals. Knowing which device you saved a specific file or document to can be confusing and time consuming when you want to retrieve it. For this reason, many individuals are resorting to other options that are much easier to access, manage, and keep everything secure and in one place.

Anytime you add a file to the Lima cloud storage device, it automatically keeps a copy of the file on the hard drive attached to the Lima adapter. That way, your files are both home and available to all of your other devices right away.


Lima calls its device “the brain of your devices.” Setup is simple, and once you’re connected, you’ll install the Lima app on all of your devices. It is able to run on Windows and Macs, Android and iOS devices.

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iMemories Restores Old Home Movies and Photos To Digital Format

Turn all your home movies and old photos into digital format using iMemories (click here). Converting old photos and videos enables the user to watch them on today’s devices such as mp3 players and smartphones. Based out of Scottsdale, Az, They allow tapes, film, photos, 8mm, vhs, slides, and negatives to be digitized in any format and users receive a no cost quote where they can review and approve before buying. For a limited time there is even a 50% off discount coupon available.

This method of converting old photos and videos is not new, however with the changing of the times, and the new devices that have been introduced in the last few years, it’s necessary to constantly have an up to date method available. iMemories takes the worry out of proper formatting, and guarantees the old formats will be made compatible with new technology. Tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and other new devices have made sharing photos and video popular these days. iMemories is definitely the easiest way to digitize home movies and photos.

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Walmart Family Mobile USA, LLC – Homepage

Walmart Family Mobile

walmart family mobile

Cell phone plansicon for the family.

With Walmart Family Mobile, you can keep your own number and there’s no contract. The rates are very affordable, and it offers unlimited talking/texting/web use.

The Family mobile Starter Kit makes it easy for the whole family to stay connected. Powered by the T-Mobile network, the plan provides unlimited talk, text, and web (2.5 GB of 3 G data) letting you call or send messages to your family as often as you want. The first line with the Walmart Family Plan is $34.88 per month, and additional lines added to the plan are only $24.88 per month (up to 5 per account).

walmart family mobile

The serviceicon is available online but it is really great to go in the store and ask questions from the associates if needed. If you find something online that they don’t have in your local store, just use the site-to-store option. It’s also possible to purchase the one-time starter kit for your phone. It has a SIM card and activation instructions.

Every store is different, but look for the “no-contract” section at your local Walmart electronics department. Usually it’s an island in the middle of the department. You can also research your options in the store with the Family Mobile information center.

With Walmart Family Mobile, you and your family can pin, post, tweet, snap, tag, chat, and share.

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Samsung UN32EH5300 LED Tv

Samsung UN32EH5300 LED Tv

samsung un32eh5300 led tv

Samsung’s UN32EH5300 LED Smart HDTV brings innovative features and technologies together in a gorgeous modern design. It features the ability to watch tv or movies while you browse the web or explore the Smart Hub.

Never miss a moment. With smart content there are new ways to explore and locate your favorite shows, movies, and games on this 32 inch television.

Samsung’s UN32EH5300 provides the same performance and convenience of larger TVs, but in a compact 32-inch design that fits nicely in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. You get the sharpness of 1080p resolution so you won’t miss any details, and it includes a suite of internet apps built-in for TV use. Built-in Wi-Fi connects easily to your home’s wireless network so you can surf the web or stream content from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

You’ll find a lot of movies and TV shows from places like Netflix and Hulu, along with sports scores and schedules from ESPN ScoreCenter. With this TV you will not only enjoy watching your favorite movies but at the same time you also will be able to surf the net, watching Youtube, accessing twitter, using Facebook and much more. Samsung apps make this possible.

With twice the resolution of standard HDTVs, Samsung TVs deliver images that are guaranteed to amaze and complete your home entertainment experience. The realistic texture of the Full HD image lets you to enjoy a viewing experience that redefines reality.

So time to ditch your old TV . this Samsung LED TV makes upgrading a breeze without hurting your budget. This feature packed LED TV would make your home theater setup future proofed for years to come. It packs up a lot of features that you’d also find in other higher but much more expensive models of Samsung and other brands.

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Walmart Game Time Sale

Walmart is currently running their Game Time promotional saleicon in line with the NFL playoffs. Save bundles on HDTVs, grills, apparel, gear, and more.

They usually run such promotions during heavy sports cycles. If you are looking to save on televisions, grills, or sports jerseysicon, then this sale is best to capitalize on.

Some of the products featured in their gametime sale are: furniture, grills, grocery, home audio & theater, small kitchen appliances, sports apparel and merchandise, tablet pcs, tv and video, video games, wine beer and beverage chillers.

They also include recipes for: burgers, chili, desserts, dips, finger foods, grilling, and nachos. Learn about crowd pleasing appetizers, sport fanatic decorations, game plans for parents, setting up your home theater, tailgating finger foods, and tricks to tailgate planning. USA, LLC

Game Time Features:

Huge Savings on Top Brand HDTVs for Game Time at!icon

Get Game Time ready with sports Video Games at

Great Savings on Everything you Need for the Big Game at!icon

Shop for the Perfect Game Time Grill at!icon