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Air Hogs Hawk Eye

The Air Hogs Hawkeye R/C Helicopter: Your Child’s Personal Eye in the Sky

Photography isn’t limited to teenagers, adults, and professionals. Even at a young age, children can become exposed to the exciting world of photography and video recording. Air Hogs, a toy manufacturer, has released the Air Hogs Hawkeye, a fun and interesting toy that even teenagers might be interested in. It is a remote controlled helicopter, but what sets it apart from other remote controlled toys in the market today is its video recording capacity.

Yes, the Air Hogs Hawk Eyeicon has a camera that allows users to record 5 minute videos and capture 640×480 pixel photographs. Users can take clear photos even if the helicopter is hovering mid-air thanks to its Steady-Fly Technology. This keeps the helicopter balanced, which avoids users from capturing shaky and/or blurred videos and photographs.

The fun doesn’t stop when users bring the Air Hogs Hawk Eye back down. The helicopter comes with a USB cord that allows users to upload the videos and photographs onto their personal computer. They can also access a video editing program on the manufacturer’s official website. This program can help them improve the quality of their videos and even add extra sounds and texts. Finally, parents won’t have to worry about spending for hundreds of batteries just to keep their children entertained; the helicopter charges when it’s linked to a computer.

The helicopter weighs less than a pound, which allows children to carry it without any effort at all. It is also quite portable, since it is about 10 inches tall and 9 inches long. The helicopter itself rests on the remote controls, so kids can easily keep it on their bookshelf after taking it for a spin outside.

The Air Hogs Hawk Eye comes with the helicopter, a USB cord, the charger and controller, and the instruction sheet. The helicopter comes in silver or black, and the remote control is shaped like the controls of the Playstation. The camera is placed on the front of the helicopter, which is shaped like a small video camera. This toy is perfect for children 8 years old and above. This toy comes with a small ball, which makes it unsuitable for children 3 years old or younger.

One previous user has found the helicopter easy to control. The main controls to fly the helicopter are the “lift” controls and the “left/right” stick, which controls the helicopter’s flight direction. The “Trim” control helps balance the helicopter and makes it travel in a straight line.

However, another user cautions future buyers in handling the toy carefully, since the helicopter blades can be rather fragile. Parents should also read the instructions carefully before letting their children to use the helicopter, especially the instructions regarding the helicopter’s controls. This can prevent children from crashing the helicopter on their very first try. This remote controlled helicopter offers children the chance to explore their talents in photography by capturing amateur aerial shots, or it can pass as a simple toy that can keep the child preoccupied for hours.

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